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Automobile City In Gwadar

CPEC Auto: China to set up 'automobile city' in Gwadar

KARACHI (Daily Dunya) - Chinese investors are contemplating to build a chemical and automobile city in Gwadar under umbrella of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
Sources linked to CPEC project state that Chinese authorities have already initiated paperwork on said projects which reflects their seriousness. Analysts say it would be difficult for local automobile industry to survive if China establishes an automobile city in Gwadar.

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Trade activities at PEST

Trade activities at Gwadar Port marks golden day in Pak history.

Operationalisation and opening of trade activities at the Gwadar Deep Seaport marked a golden day in Pakistan’s history as an old dream finally came true despite consistent internal and international conspiracies to rock the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The talk about building and making the Gwadar Port functional has been going for several years, but it has now been translated into a reality as goods loaded in more than 150 containers, coming from China, were actually shipped for foreign destinations.

The completion of the Gwadar Port was tremendously stimulated under the CPEC after the grand projects under this game-changer were concluded during the visit of the Chinese president to Pakistan past.last year. The present government greatly pushed their early completion as no regime has done in the […]

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